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"A correct diagnosis is three-fourths the remedy."
---Mahatma Gandhi

Rapid and accurate diagnosis is imperative to any medical condition and is instrumental for healthcare professional to make definitive decision about disease severity and drug dosage. Misdiagnosis and untimely diagnosismay lead to incorrect medications and denial of effective treatment plan, both of which can be potentially toxic to patient's health.

We at BioAptagen Laboratories believe that correct diagnosis available at right time and right place can provide an ailing patient a gift of life.

Aptamers have emerged as potential rivals to antibodies in recent decades given their several merits including low production cost, high stability and no limitations on their targets. We are developing diagnostic kits using evolved DNA and peptide Aptamers which can detect and bind pathogens/surface proteins/disease cells in biological fluids.

Why Aptamers over antibodies?

Given their merits over existing conventional drug therapies, Aptamerbased strategies have found tremendous applications in diagnostics, therapy and drug delivery.

We generate DNA and peptide Aptamers using two well-established techniques, SELEX (Selective Evolution of Ligands by Exponential Enrichment) and Phage Display Technology (Biopanning) respectively. Presently we use bacterial pathogens as our targets for evolution of Aptamers. Aptamers have definitely several merits over existing conventional antibody based diagnostics:

- Aptamers generated by either by cell-SELEX or biopanning, do not require any prior knowledge of theprotein targets on cell surface facilitating the development of aptamer-guided diagnostics.
- Aptamers are highly specific and bind to their target with high affinity.
- Aptamers are thermodynamically stable and unlike antibodies, they are stable at room temperature.