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Dr. Sinha has over ten years of experience in oncology, biopharmaceutical drug development and epidemiology. She earned her PhD from CDRI, Lucknow in 2009 in malaria epidemiology and population genetics. Dr. Sinha completed her postdoctoral fellowships at Institut de RecherchesCliniques de Montreal (IRCM), Canada and Colorado State University, USA where her research was focused on various aspects of gene regulation during cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Swapnil moved back to Guwahati in 2014 as a DST Women Scientist at NIPER-Guwahati from 2014 to 2017. During her time at NIPER, Dr. Sinha shifted her research interest to biopharmaceutical development. She worked on projects that were focused on generating Aptamers (DNA, peptide, Riboswitches and DNAzymes) for applications in cancer immunomodulation and Mtb pathogenesis. She nurtured the idea of using the Aptamers as diagnostic tools and conceptualized 'BioAptagen'. Swapnil founded the start-up "BioAptagen Laboratories" in September 2018. She secured the necessary early stage funding, BIG (Biotechnology Ignition Grant) sponsored by BIRAC, Govt. of India in 2018.

Dr. Swapnil Sinha, Director


Shubhangi did her PhD from NIPER-Mohali in the year 2012 in pharmaceutical biotechnology. She went to Czech Republic for her postdoctoral studies at Loschmidt laboratories, where her research was focused on protein engineering. She joined NIPER-Guwahati as Women Scientist (DBT-Biocare) in 2018 where she evolved DNA Aptamers specific for cancer cells for their development as therapeutics.

Dr. Shubhangi Kaushik, Director

Team Member

Ms. Surabhi Sinha is a Patent Consultant. She was working with a Delhi based IPR firm (Subramaniam & Associates) from January 2007 to December 2014. Before which, for a year she was associated with the Patent Facilitating Centre, Government Of India as a scholar in Intellectual Property Rights matter. She has over Nine years of experience in the field ofIntellectual Property Rights, specializing in patent matters. She is a Masters in Science (M.Sc. in Microbiology) and also holds a Bachelors degree in Law. She is a registered patent agent with the Indian Patent Office. She is also registered as an Advocate with Bar Council of India (Delhi).She has also qualified the National Eligibility Test For Lectureship conducted by the University Grants Commission (UGC), India. Her main areas of practice are drafting and prosecution of patent applications; filing international patents and patent searching in the areas of pharmaceutical chemistry, microbiology and biotechnology; drafting and filing patent oppositions.

Surabhi Sinha, Patent attorney

Team Member

Mousumi Gogoi has completed her Masters in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics from Centre for Studies in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, Dibrugarh University, Assam in 2018. She has also completed BCIL (Biotech Consortium of India Limited,New Delhi) training from NIPER Guwahati sponsored by Department Of Biotechnology ,Government Of India. Mousumi joined BioAptagen in May 2019. She is associated with various R&D work related to product development and validation.

Mousumi Gogoi, Research Assistant

Team Member

Tapan joined BioAptagen in April 2019. He is a multi-task dynamic worker who makes sure that all the R&D activities and other management tasks are running smoothly and seamlessly.

Tapan C. Das, Project Assistant

Chief Scientific Advisor

Dr. Srinath is the Managing Director of GenoPhe Biotech Pvt. Ltd. a service sector company offering model organisms for phenotypic screening of drugs and toxicity evaluation of compounds. Dr. Srinath earned his PhD from RML Awadh University, Faizabad in Microbiology in 2002. He was the DBT-Postdoctoral fellow at IISc Bangalore till 2006 in the Department of Microbiology & Cell Biology. Dr. Srinath has huge experience in mentoring and teaching students at undergraduate and graduate levels. He has a varied research interest in molecular and applied microbiology, DNA repair proteins and microbial bioremediation.

Dr. Srinath is our Chief Scientific Advisor where his vast expertise in translating academia into sustainable industry is highly valuable.

Dr. T. Srinath, PhD

Scientific Consultant

Dr. Mohan works as an Assistant Professor at NIPER-Kolkata. Before joining NIPER, he worked as postdoctoral research fellow at Colorado State University, USA. Dr. Mohan specializes in biopharmaceutical development using synthetic biology tool sets.

He is our Scientific consultant for product development and related R&D.

Dr. Utpal Mohan, PhD

Team member

Dr. Mitra has earned his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IITG). He also holds a B.Tech degree in Chemical Engineering and a B.Sc degree in Chemistry both from University of Calcutta. He has expertise in biosensor development and nanotechnology and takes care of R&D activities at BioAptagen. He also manages the Nurture Youth training program, our flagship educational activity.

Dr. Shirsendu Mitra