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Our Innovation

(A) DNA/Peptide Aptamer based UTI detection kit

Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) are among the most common bacterial infections in human and account for a significant part of the workload in pathology laboratories. UTI is more common in women and it has been reported that one in every two women suffer from UTI once in their lifetime. UTIs are fairly common in India and is prevalent in women residing in rural setting mostly because of poor hygiene. Most of the time UTIs in women living in rural areas remain undetected because of the non-availability of testing facility at primary health centers in villages. UTIs are often challenging for physicians because the diagnosis is not always forthright and distinguishing UTI with other conditions having similar clinical presentation is crucial for physicians before prescribing drugs. Till now the most reliable diagnosis for UTI is the urine culture and microscopic examination of bacteria causing the infection which takes 4-6 days for accurate diagnosis of UTI. The long time required for UTI diagnosis could result into disease complications especially the UTIs in postoperative patients including during surgical site infections. The most common bacterial species that are found during UTIs in both outpatient and hospitalized patients (postoperative, recovery, surgical site infection) are: Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella pneumonia and Enterococcus faecalis.

We at BioAptagen are developing 96-well plate based diagnostic kit for simultaneous detection of these four bacterial species causing UTI in humans. We have evolved DNA/peptide Aptamers that specifically identity and bind bacterial species most commonly present in clinical urine samples of UTIs. Our device would be capable to extrapolate the severity of infection in clinical samples. The proposed system will allow to circumvent the limitations of longer detection time of culture based UTI diagnosis which many a times leads to infection severity especially in hospitalized patients. We envisage that our diagnostic kit could be a viable alternative to lengthy laboratory culture based methods for UTIs and curbing the detection time might be life saving for many patients especially who are immunocompromised.

(B) Modified probiotic drink for clearance of gut pathogens

Gut Enterococcus faecalis is an opportunistic pathogen and leading cause of infections of gastrointestinal tract. E. faecalis modulates host immune response for its own survival and virulence. Pathogenic strains of E. faecalis are actively inoculated into GI tract from contaminated food, healthcare worker's hands colonizing to pathogenic levels mostly due to increasing antibiotic resistance. These resistant strains amplify and become part of gut endogenous flora triggering infections especially in immuno-compromised individuals. While people with conditions like IBDs, Crohn's diseases are prescribed probiotic tablets, individuals with comparatively weak immunity (elderly, toddlers) colonize resistant strains by numerous sources. Constant control of pathogenic E. faecalis in GI tract can prevent their colonization to virulent stage curbing intake of antibiotics.

Our technology will result in generation of surface engineered Lactobacillus with AMP targeting E. faecalis. Modified probiotics for targeting gastrointestinal diseases would be a viable solution for tackling this common and recalcitrant disease.

In today's world of information superflow, consumers are becoming increasingly health conscious, especially millennial-aged consumers propelling beverage industries to meet their demands. Consumers are on a lookout for beverages that offer more than just quenching their thirst. This exponential growing trend of healthier drinks has provided tremendous opportunities to companies to develop drinks with innovative add-ons to set their products apart. Our proposed beverage is first of its kind as we are developing modified probiotics with potential to clear gut pathogens. Our drink if consumed on regular basis will keep tabs on pathogenic E. faecalis that can colonize to virulent levels. Our beverage will help keeping a healthy GI tract by controlling pathogenic bacteria and clearing it out of system. Every individual from age 2 can consume this beverage so we have a global market cover.